Friday, April 23, 2010

Bitten Part 4.

I was called this morning by the daycare so they could let me know that Bennett was bitten...again. Poor sweet angel boy. My mom says that he is so sweet that people just want to eat him up! I think that is true.


  1. that was a bad one. Any idea who the culprit is? Poor sweet boy. :(

  2. i know this happens but 4 times is a little crazy! i'm not so sure i'd be as "pleasant" as you are about it!! way to keep your cool!

  3. Was it the same little girl?!

  4. ok, so is anyone going to have a talk with this little girl's parents? Goodness, poor baby.

  5. Lindsey, I found your blog on Jessie Hamby's blog! I really enjoy reading it and seeing sweet little Bennett! He's adorable!

    And the bites...ugh, my little girl has been bitten a couple of times as well...has a scar from one of them! All that makes me feel better is that atleast she's not the mean little biter! haha.


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