Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

We started this wonderful Easter weekend with a day off from school/work/daycare. That was wonderful! Neil went with his cousin's husband to check out some land for deer hunting. They were more than thrilled about it. They were staking out where to put deer stands and such. The only thing bad about it is they are going to have to tell the people that are leasing it now that they can't have it next year. Neil was telling me how he can't wait to take Bennett out there to hunt, fish, and play.

While Neil was off scoping out the land, we went to Starbuck's. We met Leslie, Erinn, and Georgia. This is the only picture I took. Random I know. It was such a pretty day so we sat outside. Here's Leslie, Bennett, Erinn, and Georgia.

My aunt and cousins came in town on Friday to spend some time with us. We had a late lunch at Jason's Deli. Only Carrie and Aunt Carolyn are smiling at the camera.

Neil took care of the ordering and he got Bennett his first chocolate milk. He loved it!

Cal is so sweet to Bennett. He helps with everything and even wanted to sleep next to his bed!

On Saturday morning we headed to Strawn's for breakfast. The 2 Best Buy bunnies were out walking around so they stopped in to say hello.

After breakfast, we headed to the egg hunt at First Baptist. There were lots of hunts around town so we went to the one closest to our house. They had tons of eggs and prizes. Bennett and Cal were content just playing on the playground.

Here are me, Bennett, and Caldonia.

Bennett is probably egg hunted out. This is his 3rd one this year!

I used the good ole self timer for this one. I put the camera on a stump and clicked it. Here we are: me, Mom, Bennett, Aunt Carolyn, Cal, Courtney, and Carrie

After the hunt and Bennett had a nap, we dyed some Easter eggs. Cal did such a good job. He was even patient while they were sitting in the dye! I remember wanting to take them out of the dye 2 seconds after placing them in the water when I was little.

A family egg-dying photo opp.

This was our favorite egg. It was the brightest one. Here is Cal showing it off.

Dyeing eggs is very serious.

And here are the eggs!

After my family went back to Houston, my brother and dad came over for dinner. My brother took this picture of Bennett and me. Doesn't he look adorable!?

During dinner, Bennett put a green bean in his ear. Gross. Don't worry. It wasn't really "in" there.

We were up early today. I made Paula Deen's French toast casserole for Sunday School. I put it all together last night and made the praline sauce and baked it this morning. My mom came over with an Easter basket from her house. I guess the Easter Bunny stops at Gammy's house, too. Bennett took everything out of it!

Look what the bunny brought to our house!

He loved it. He took everything out of this one and carried around the empty basket. I guess he just wanted the basket!
We went to church and it was great. We had a lot of people at Sunday school. Emily Aclin came too! Church was awesome. The music, the message, and the worship were all wonderful. One of the highlights was when Derek (our SS teacher) baptized his daughter. It was so sweet. He cried through the whole thing. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. I have chills just thinking about it!

We went to Zocolo for Easter lunch. We had a reservation for 12:45 and didn't get out of there until 2! It was crazy because only about 5 tables had people at them. I was nervous that my dad was going to blow a gasket.

Guess who was at the table next to ours? Teresa from the Grammy-Girlfriend! And I didn't even take her picture! She had her son-in-law take our photo, though. It was neat to meet someone that I have been reading about. I recognized her grandson first and then the rest of her family. It is one small blog world!

Here are Michael and Dad.
Handsome boys in yellow.

After a busy Easter morning this was one tired boy. I have so many pictures of him asleep in his car seat. I guess we just wear him out!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!


  1. I checked G's ear for a green bean- just in case! All clear.

  2. Grammy Girlfriend! Wow! That picture that your brother took was just precious. Looks like y'all had a BUSY Easter!

  3. i see my dad's (bald) head in the pic of y'all at zocolo :-) funny! he was there w/ his wife and her kids.


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