Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Bennett is 10!

HOW? How are we parents to a TEN year old?  TWO whole hands?  Double Digits?  HOW!? These 10 years have been simply wonderful being parents to our biggest boy.  Bennett is such a great kids.  He is sensitive, special, smart, hard working, athletic, and a wonderful son and brother.

We are just the proudest parents!

Cool birthday outfit, birthday boy!

He loves his hoverboard!

Birthday pancakes for my 10 year old!

All of Bennett's birthday in one collage!  

See every one of Bennett's past birthdays here:

Bennett wanted Wendy's for his special lunch so Neil and I brought him lunch. Neil was a tad late so Bennett kept staring at the door until he arrived.

This boy loves his daddy and we love him!

Bennett chose Gibbons for his bday dinner after the Social Studies parent night!

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!  We are just so happy you are our son!  You can do anything you want in life with your hard work and dedication! We love you!

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