Friday, December 14, 2018

Sarah Kathryn + Gingerbread House Making + Christmas Party

My girl had a fun Christmas countdown!  They got to decorate gingerbread houses and then they had a Christmas party!  WHAT FUN!

I left Bennett's Wal-mart field trip to head to Gingerbread house making!  I love my job!

How cute are these girls at their party?  We had little head bobbers for each child to wear at the party!

JM, SK, and Camilla!

Present time!  They each brought a gift to donate to the classroom!

Aren't they precious!?  My last pre-school Christmas party!

3 moms and I were in charge of the Christmas party.  I did the head bobbers and the pretzel sticks (Jennifer made those!)

Sweet girls!

Sister opening her gift! Those knee socks are so cute!

Yay for Shopkins!!!!

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