Friday, December 11, 2015

Bennett is 7!

Our Bennett is 7! We still can't believe we have a 7 year old!  How are we even old enough to have a 1st grader who is 7?  I just really don't know.  It was been a SUPER 7 years.  Bennett has taught us so much.  Getting to experience life through his eyes is delightful.  Happy Birthday, Bennett!  May all your hopes and dreams come true!  We love you and are soooooo proud of the young man you are becoming!

Of course, we started off with birthday pancakes and sprinkles

He got a gun BB gun for his birthday.
He had a jeans pass and saved it for his birthday.  Thanks to Aunt Becky and Uncle Andrew for this sweet, personalized jersey.  He wears it every single time it is clean.

He really likes his gun!

We headed to his school for birthday snacks around 10:30.  He had Saints cupcakes from Kroger.  Easy and delish!
cupcakes and juice at school for his birthday

We left and came back 2 hours later for lunch with the birthday boy.  He loves hamburgers so a hamburger from Sonic it was.  His teacher thought I was crazy for putting a candle in the hamburger!

Amy and Daniel stopped by since they were going to have to miss his party.  Amy's first one to miss in 7 years! :(

Bennett wanted to go where Henry went for his birthday so we headed to Tokyo for this dinner. Gammy stopped by after we ate to say happy birthday and give the birthday boy a hug!

Gammy loves her babies and they love her!

Happy birthday to our 7 year old!!!!

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