Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve 2015

New Years Eve sure has changed over the years.  Today we were focused on doing fun stuff with our kids and just going out to dinner.  We picked up Sam and then headed to Altitude, then Sci-port for the balloon drop, then to Johnny's for lunch.  A fun-filled morning indeed!

I love the balloon drop!
SK did too!
our family plus a photo bomber!

We went and got a few fireworks to do with the kids and Gammy before we went to dinner.  This was the first year they all didn't freak out!  I am so glad because I have so many memories of doing firework "shows" with Jennifer for the neighborhood on Richard Ave.
2 different shoes

She is ALWAYS cheesin'

And I just can't get over her Beaufort Bonnet hat.  Initials knitted into it?  Yes, please!

Trying out my "night portrait" option on the camera

Gammy loves sparklers!

I loved this one!

Henry thought they were going to pop so he kept covering his ears.

It was exciting to have something to look forward to!  I was talking to Leslie the other day and she said NYE is always a big bust and I totally agree. Glad we made a plan!  Our original plan was to attend Toast at Sci-port which sounded totally fun, but we couldn't find a 4th couple for the table so we opted for the Steakhouse instead. We had lots of fun.  It seemed that everyone had the same idea.  We saw lots of people we knew!  It must have been the place to be!

Happy 2016 from the Lewises!

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