Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Morning 2015

My 3 babies in matching pajamas?  What else could better on Christmas morning? (well, besides that it is Jesus' birthday.)  They were so excited when they woke up. 

Bennett had a note that said "I put your gift in a special spot-go ask Mom and Dad Love, Santa Claus."  He originally thought Henry's bow and arrow set was his. 

Sarah Kathryn knew right away what was hers!  She walked right over to her pink cozy coupe and got in.  She even took her baby wit her!

Bennett loved his new rifle from his dad, grandfathers and Santa!  2 guns in 1 month.  We must be NRA fans.

You can see Henry's target behind Bennett.

They each got new boxes with new supplies in them. 

Stocking time!

Sarah Kathryn loved the little Sofia notepad with the clear marker.  I had these as a kid and LOVED them! She liked her new bows in her stocking, too.

Matching shirts for the big boys.  Couldn't find Henry's size anywhere!

New undies for the boys in their stockings!!

Catherine was so sweet to drop off homemade cinnamon rolls so we had those for Christmas morning breakfast.  We ate the whole pan because they were so delicious!  After breakfast, we loaded up and headed to Ruston for Christmas round 3!

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