Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

We got to Ruston around 11:30 to see Granddad, Nana, Aunt B, and Daniel.  We were thankful that they waited for us.  We immediately started opening gifts!

Nana got SK some ballet flats!  Presh!
Granddad loved the wrapping paper with the kids faces all over it.

so did Nana!

Henry LOVES his new cowboy boots.

Bennett is a champion present unwrapper.  The boys each got camo duffle bags to take to the camp.

Forever cheesin'.  She is holding the vegetables that came in her grocery cart.

She loved passing out the gifts

Guess what Neil got????  a chain saw!!!  When you live in the country, you need a chainsaw.

Bennett was so helpful with SK and her gifts.  Andrew sent her a baby with a bathtub

How cute is this little grocery cart from Aunt Becky?  She even put it together herself!  She said she couldn't find groceries anywhere so she found a cheap cart and dumped the groceries in this cart!  How creative and dedicated!

I loved receiving 6 spoons to my flatware.  After almost 9 years of marriage I have no clue where 6 of my spoons have gone.  Thanks to Nana for her diligence in finding these discontinued things!

fun and chaos!

They went and tried out Bennett's new gun while I went to the movie with Rebecca and Daniel.  I got home and Henry said "Mommy, look at my eye!"  He really did shoot his sys out!  Neil said "it was an icicle!"  No.  The hammer on the gun went back and pooped Henry.  Poor baby!  He is our accident prone child.

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