Monday, December 21, 2015

Caroling 2015

We had a great caroling adventure this year!  We had some spirited singers and they brought joy to so many neighbors!  When Jennifer said they were gong to have a hayride and Justin was going to pull it using the golf cart...we said Let's combine our caroling efforts!  It was a great idea.

Neil stayed home with SK while we traveled the hood in search of people who were home and ready for a caroling brigade.  About half-way through the adventure Sweet Catherine started coughing and they realized she was allergic to the hay.  poor thing!  Thankfully she is all better!

I think Bennett thinks he is too old for this fun because he liked finding any rocker, swing, or chair on porches and took a seat like it was his home! :)  Argh!

We had a few people come outside and basically ask us to carol to their doors.  It was a delight for us and them!
Mrs. Gae LOVED our carolers.

Henry and me.  Bennett is too old for pictures with mom! :(

Caroling Cuties

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