Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ice Skating in Shreveport?

One of the local churches had a really fun ice skating rink this December.  The church used to be a mall so it had lots of room!  In fact, I bet they could have done it inside!  It was a fun night with a little train ride, crafts, and of course, ice skating! 

Bennett was so excited to ide skate.  Henry decided he didn't want to skate until we got all the way out there and then he changed his mind!  I was thankful Ella was there to help with Henry on the rink.  I has SK who was not too happy about being in the stroller.  Oh, mom of the year didn't bring coats for me or SK.  Oops.  It was cooooold.

Right before they put on their skates!

a little train ride

Sister was loving it!

And this pretty much sums up ice skating.

Thanks, Ella!

Rail holding the whole time.

She was NOT satisfied until she got the WHOLE CHICKEN ON A STICK!  Diva!

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