Friday, December 18, 2015

Henry's Christmas program

Henry's little Christmas program was so sweet!  I heard that parents got there to get their seats at 6am!  WHAT??  Mom and I arrived at 7:30am and we got some good seats.  His teacher told me that he was dead center on the front row.  Good place for my boy!

I kept staring at the bleach stain on his adorable Christmas outfit.  Someone accidently put bleach in the washer in the wrong location so it drips out randomly on the clothes.  I didn't have anything else for him to wear so the bleach-stained Christmas outfit was it!

He sang his little heart out in between tucking in and taking out his shirt out of his pants. He also got his hand stuck in the back of the shirt...not sure how!  He kept trying to work it out the whole time.  Precious thing!

Bleach stain front and center! :)

Thanks to Pops and Gammy for coming to watch!

Christmas cake after the program

Mom and H

Henry and his teacher

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