Saturday, December 12, 2015

Who Dat Turning 7?

Bennett decided he wanted to go to the Saints game for his birthday instead of having a party.  We were totally on board with this idea.  Last year I said we won't have parties after age 6, but then the tickets were a fortune and hotel costs and food and it was just too much.  So, a party it was!  I love the planning and adding specials things to the parties. 

We had it at AcroSports, an indoor gymnastics type place.  They have dodgeball, foam pits, and a rope swing...perfect for a bunch of boys who are needing to get rid of energy!

fun friends. we asked everyone to wear their favorite football jersey

Gammy and Nana

Thanks to Leigh Ann for letting SK borrow Catherine's cheerleader outfit.

Aunt Becky and Henry

Pops and Carolyn are always great guests!  Carolyn is wearing the "field pass" invitation.  They were so cute!

SK wants to hold every dang baby. She LOVED Millie!

Bennett arm wrestling the party host.

parents of a 7 year old!

rope swinging

playing tackle

a foam pit full of boys

We are thankful for Daniel who was the party guru! He helped everyone have a blast!

I can't get over this picture!

Bennett and Granddad.  You can tell by the look of Bennett's face that he didn't feel well. We learned later that he had a fever virus.  Poor thing!

This baby hugs everyone!  She was loving little Carter.

group pic!

The venue says to just give them all your party stuff and they will do everything so the parents can enjoy the party.  How nice!  But, you know how controlling I am and it was hard to let go.  I typed up instructions for them.  They really tried and did a great job!

Mom and I tied whistles to each "Bennettade."  The parents loved it I'm sure!

Cute kiddos!

Margaret made the little banner and gave it to me.  All the kids "autographed" the football that's on the table."

It was so sweet for George to come all the way over from Ruston!

Before we knew it the party was over!  It was time to go home with all the grandparents to open presents.  Bennett was not really into it at all.  For a 7 year old to not be in to opening presents you know something it wrong.  He opened a few and then got on the couch with his new Saints blanket and football. 

Sweet B just barely feeling up to opening his gifts.

2 Lewis girls

We found a few more gifts in the car and brought them in.  Bennett said to just have Henry and Drew open them.  You know something is really wrong then!  He was down with fever for 3 days!  Poor thing had no other symptoms.  He had 5 other kids out in his class for the came thing!  Poor Baby!

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