Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bennett is 8!

Our sweet Bennett is 8 years old!  Where has the time gone?  He is just growing and learning so much.  He still loves all things related to sports especially Saints football and Texas Rangers baseball.  His favorite sport to play is baseball, but can be seen tossing a football around in the yard about 6 hours a day.  

Bennett is a wonderful brother!  Henry and Sarah Kathryn think Bennett is the coolest thing ever and he loves them even though they tend to get on his nerves.  Henry and Bennett have a special bond just like Sarah Kathryn and Bennett do.  It's sweet to watch.  I'm not going to lie, they fight like cats and dogs, but they do have sweet moments.

We celebrated Bennett like crazy!  I love birthdays so #8 was no exception on the celebrating!  We began with his New Orleans trip to see the Saints play in the dome.  Next, we brought cupcakes to his class. As a 2nd grader you get to take a friend along with you to share your left over cupcakes with your old teachers.  How special!

Mrs. Granberry did a little thing where she moved Bennett's arms while the kids sang!  He loved it!

He picked out baseball plates and Saints napkins!  He wanted plain chocolate cupcakes!

Pops stopped by for the birthday song.

You get to have a hat, chair cover, and these fun little stuffed animals to sit at your table.

His actual birthday was on a Sunday so we celebrated with pancakes, church, Johnny's, and Tokyo. We were worn slap out by the time his birthday was over!
I took Bennett to baseball practice and went and picked up the 8 balloon.  I hid it in the back of my car under my coat so that he wouldn't see it!  Success!

Johnny's for lunch with the family!

Uncle Andrew sent this sweet Rangers jersey.

Bennett must be getting old because he was so excited to receive gift cards!

Beauty Queen was SO HAPPY to sing to Bennett!  She loved that it was his birthday!

While we were singing, Dean was eating the icing off the cake! haha!

This is a great birthday crew!  I love these people!

Pops, Carolyn, and Bennett

Gammy and Bennett
Originally we were just going to go home after church and just do a birthday dinner at Tokyo with 3 friends.  Well, 3 friends turned into 6 friends and a nothing but boys! Henry wanted Jake to come to he could have a friend, so Leigh came along, too.  Mom stayed home with SK so that we could enjoy ourselves with out her non-stop screaming.

We served the half eaten cake from lunch.  Best idea ever!  We didn't have any leftovers!

They used to hang the pictures they take on the walls at Tokyo.  They don't do that anymore.  Bennett asked if they would hang his and they did! :)

Bennett, we hope you had a wonderful day all about you!  You are special, fun, sweet, tender-hearted, and just the best 8 year old we know.  We love you more than you will ever know and are so proud to be your parents!

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