Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning!

 We had a fun Christmas morning!  The Reeds are the sweetest and make homemade cinnamon rolls every year.  We cook them on Christmas morning and they were gobbled up!  Neil said we should ask for 2 pans next year.  I told him that we aren't in the business of asking for extra gifts! :)

Sarah Kathryn received a Peppa Pig house, an Innotab, and a couple other toys.  The boys got a WiiU and games and controllers for that.  It was a fun Christmas!  They always receive books and they never go over too well.

Sister LOVES Peppa Pig! This was from Henry.


This year I let each child pick out gifts for their brother and sister.  This was a great tradition to start,  They all loved what their siblings gave them!  Bennett had been asking for Qixels and loved when Henry gave them to him.  SK picked out Home Alone (or "the boy one") for Bennett!  He loved it!

Henry has been loving seeing nutcrackers everywhere and got one in his stocking!  He was delighted!  He said "A NUTCRACKER!!!??"

Bennett loved Splatoon from Mom and Dad, but it was cracked within a couple weeks by a little sister.

Henry got MarioKart and each boy got this steering wheel Wii controller thing.

The cinnamon rolls were kid and parent approved!

Uncle Frank came over for Christmas morning!!  

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