Monday, December 19, 2016


We were asked to do the reading for the third week of advent.  We were thrilled to be asked!  We opted to leave Sarah Kathryn in the nursery during the reading, but brought the boys.  Neil, Bennett, and I each read a portion and Neil lit the candles.  Bennett did a GREAT job!  I was the proudest mom in the world of our boy!  He read like a champ!

My Christmas gift this year was a new backsplash!  yay!  My dad, Neil's parents and Neil and worked together to get it done!  I LOVE IT and it really brightens up the place.  

One of our many trips to the new Kroger and Henry thought he found a sword in my purse.  Sorry, Henry.  It's not a sword.

December Fit throwin'

Christmas cards make me SO HAPPY!

We did a little baking and Pops happened to stop by after hunting.  He loves getting in the pics!
Yummy birthday cake for Jesus with the entire border of KitKat.

Before and After!

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