Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Fun

Lunch with old FBCS friends.   One day we were picking up Henry and Bennett saw all his friends running out of the school and he said "Wait, all my friends still go here!?"  Poor baby.

This sweet girl in the bumbo!??  What?? Already?

Both boys had back to school dentist appoinments

We went to "Johnny Pizzas" after...they were playing with no quarters.

Bennett likes to say "Nice to meet you, Sister!"  He was explaining this joke to someone the other say and he said "It's so funny because I say 'nice to meet you' but we already know each other because she is my sister!"  ha!

We got mouthwash from the dentist and Bennett used the whole bottle in one day.  He would "prepare" the cap with mouth wash for Gammy, too.

Some sweet friends gave us this cuddly blanket as a house warming and the boys are loving it.

Thanks to Leslie for the fun play-doh set!!

My first day of work! I love a head set!

Blue day at Henry's school

Our sweet boy on "happy juice" before his MRI.

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