Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

With my new work schedule, I am able to go and be with the kids at lunch, take and pick them up from school. I love it.

We started the weekend with me going to lunch at Bennett's school.. I brought Sonic for us. If you bring a fast food lunch you have to bring it in a nondescript bag.  I smuggled everything in a large grocery paper sack.

I picked up both boys and both boys had gotten to go to the treasure chest at their schools.  Both boys came home with plastic snakes!!

Sister got to try on her new cheerleader outfit to support Tech's first game!

Daddy and Sarah Kathryn

Sam went with us to the pool...they needed an ice cream break.  Sam is so funny!  SK was screaming in the car and Sam said "When can we get out of this car she is giving me a headache!" haha!  My thoughts exactly, Sam.

Me and the sweetest baby girl

Oh, this bathing suit!  Thanks, Beville's!

Henry cruising down the slide.  This was take right before he pooped all over the pool sidewalk.

Happy Labor Day, your elbow is out AGAIN,
Thankfully, a lady heard him screaming and asked what was going on.  We told her and she called her friend who is an ER doctor and he came up to the pool and popped it back in for us!  Thanks, Dr. Davis!

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