Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bulldog Flag Football

We had an unusually cool morning for our first Bulldog Flag Football game.  It was such a delight.  We took Henry to his soccer shots and before we went to football we had to stop at the house to get pants and jackets!  We ended up staying outside the entire rest of the day.

Brother was such a good boy, he just played or sat in the chair and played on my phone,

Go team!

Sweetest girl and sweetest Daddy

We even have sweet t-shirts to wear to the games.  They say "fear the bite!"

Loves. the. Mouthpiece.

Oh, and here's my dad who walked across the field during the game. :(

Our second game wasn't near as pleasant.  Aunt Becky came and I was so glad she did!  We had to go all the way to North Desoto.  It was painfully hot.  

Bennett was talking about how he was going to beat up the griffins and I said "no, we aren't going to beat them up." His coach said "Oh, sorry mom!...we told them that!"

Anyway, Bennett was doing such a great job blocking the probably 5th graders on the other team. One kid at least 5 inches taller than Bennett threw him on the ground because Bennett was such a fabulous blocker.  Mama Bear was not happy.  But, Bennett got right up and ran over to the kid and got in his face (in a football way)!  I was so proud!!!  He was running off the field and I was saying "GREAT JOB BENNETT, You did your job! yesss!  You did GREAT!"  I was that mom.

And do you know what he did?

He looked at me with a mad face and COVERED HIS EARS!!!!!  That stinker!
 hahahahah!  I love my biggest boy!!

The main thing I want my kids to learn from sports is how to be a humble winner, to play fair, and to lose with dignity.  We are teaching these lessons all the time.  I just don't want anyone to mess with my babies.

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