Sunday, September 28, 2014

Un"bee"lievable Grandparent's Day

It's no secret that we love our grandparent's around here.  They are literally the best.  They do so much for the kids and love them like we do.  They act like grandparent's by giving them special treats and privileges that we don't...which is, after all, what they are supposed to do!

Neil and I couldn't do half the things we get to do without them.  We just take 1 special day to honor them and to show them how special they are to us!  We did a "bee" theme and it was a cinch.  It was so easy because I used all of Jennifer's bee stuff from her daughter's 1st "bee" day!  Love borrowing.

We served "bee-bee que" and even wore bee antennae head bands.  We love you, Gammy, Nana, Granddad, and Pops!!  And Carolyn (CC), too!


Nana and the sweet baby girl

Look how cute they are "beeing!"  (I can't stop)

Queen Bee Grandmothers

Super easy, but not delicious

Look at those cute little boys!!!

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