Tuesday, September 9, 2014

While Daddy's Away...

While we are sad and lonely while Daddy is away...we do keep busy.  

Bennett got to enjoy his first flag football practices.  I realized he looks like a little baby out there with all those first graders.  They all wear Under Armour and he wears mini Boden.  He is growing up too fast I tell ya.  He is 1 of 3 kindergartners on the team.  We thought we were playing with our old friends from FB, but the Y put him on his school team.  Neil said this is good because he remembers when his mom signed him up for Cub Scouts with a friend he didn't attend school with.  He said he would wear his uniform to school the day before his school friends did.  He would sit alone as all his friends got picked up for Cub Scouts! haha!  Poor kid.  We are sticking with the school team.

He LOVES his mouth piece.  He has also changed his favorite color to orange,
Henry got to spend the weekend with Nana and Granddad.  He had so much fun playing in a box, doing puzzles, eating at Sundown, and getting plenty of attention.  It did make me happy when he said he was ready to come home to see Mommy! :)  Thanks, Nana and Granddad for taking care of our sweet boy.
Nana said he did the whole puzzle by himself!
I got away for a fun girls night while all of our husbands were at College Football Island.
Leigh was supporting her brewery!

Lindsay, Sarah, me, Nikki, and Leigh

Bennett was excited to go to Bass Pro

Sister looking beautiful after church

Henry playing in his box

Thanks, Eddie for donating this box to him!
Daddy is home and I finally got a good night of sleep.  This mama is EXHAUSTED!

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