Friday, September 26, 2014

Teddy Bear Picnic-Henry

We had such a great time at Henry's teddy bear picnic.  I am so glad that it was Henry's snack week so I could do something special!  Mrs. Rose told me they usually have honey sandwiches so I made teddy bear shaped honey sandwiches, teddy bear trail mix, and gummy bears!  They kids loved bringing their bears to the table and they LOVED the gummy bears.

I loved these little picnic bags...I ran them right through the printer.  I didn't even know it would work!

Sweet thang,

Henry and the only bear we could find.  I tossed all the others before we moved.

Henry and me

Such a cute little class!

Jackson and Henry

And just for fun...

Bennett at his teddy bear picnic...And I put them in the same outfit!!! :)

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