Saturday, August 9, 2014

Henry's 3rd birthday party!

We had Henry's 3rd birthday party with Reid, Carolyn's grandson.  They are born a week apart so it just seemed like a great idea.  All along I would ask Henry "what do you want for your birthday?"  He would always say "a birthday party!"

And that is just what we did!

I edited out the cute bottom of this to delete our phone numbers! :)

I am basically a crazy lady when it comes to planning the birthday parties.  It is something I love to do and I just can't get enough of them.  I really just want my babies to feel special.  I do go a bit overboard, but it's one day a year...right?

So, my craziness with this party was when I decided that I wanted to give balls that "bounce" as the party favor because we were "bouncing" at the party..get it?  So when I saw that Target put their balls on clearance I bounced on them (pun intended!).  Only thing I never thought of was how I was going to get them home with 2 kids (Henry was at school), 3 carseats, and limited cargo space.  Thankfully, I saw Lindsay in the toy department and she offered to take some home for me!  I also called Carolyn and she came to pick up a set.
All the Target balls
And we got cute labels for the balls...  It turned out cute.

I love this family photo

These sweeties...Love them sooooo much!
Mom and SK on the inflatable throne
Aunt Becky and her favorite people

Henry's cute cake!

Love these cakes

How romantic!  Carolyn and Dad

Gammy was loving the slide with Henry

Bennett got my camera and snapped this cute pic of Granddad, Nana, and SK

So glad the Leigh, Jake, and Drew was there!

Lewis family jump plus Georgia

Mommy, Daddy, and b-day boy

both 3 for 2 weeks
Lennon is born 2 days before Henry

Sweet Madeline and Catherine had never even seen each other...they kept hugging and kissing each other.  Cutest thing!

Andrew came too!  He was too "sick" to slide.  Hope he feels better soon.

College Roomies!

CC and Dean

Earnest girls

Reid, the other birthday boy, with Lulu

Make a wish!!  Yay for 3 years old!  I hope you had a great time at your party!!  You sure looked like you were having fun!

Happy birthday, Reid!

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