Friday, August 15, 2014

Bennett is in Kindergarten!

Our sweet Bennett is in Kindergarten now.  My how time flies.  I looked up and now our first baby is in school.  This is just crazy because I couldn't even imagine this day 5 years ago.  Bennett is growing into such a sweet-hearted young man who is kind, helpful, and loving.  He has the best personality, best sense of humor, and excitement for life!  We are so proud of this smart little boy!

Neil and I went to the parent meeting a week before school started and were give the rules of the classroom.  His teacher seems to be amazing and really know her stuff.  I've heard this from parents and another teacher.  Sounds good to me!  We were given 2 homework assignments that were due the first day of school. They were both family projects that could be done together. I made him do the majority and I helped with couple parts.  

He cut the hair from yellow rick rack and glued it on the head.
He told me what he wanted and I traced it..he cut it out and glued it down

Ta da!  He added a baseball and bat to the hands and sweet lights to the shoes.  We used glitter paper for the lights.

We read The Night Before Kindergarten before bed.  I am so glad my mom thought to take this picture!!

Happy First Day of K!!! You get to wear spirit shirts on Friday's.  I was a little disappointed that he didn't get to wear the uniform for picture purposes.. oh year.  He is a Kindergartner so they get "puppy pride" shirts because they are the babies of the school.
I made these cute flags with my cricut!  Want one for your baby?? I will make it!

My big boy!  How do I already have a kindergartner??
I got SK and H dropped off before heading to Bennett's school.  Sadly, we were LATE!  I got there at 8:05 and there wasn't a soul in the parking lot.  I thought for sure there would be others...nope.  It still didn't stop me from taking obligatory pictures of the first day.
His school as built in 1923.  It's OLD, but has a feeling of nostalgia.

We got to his classroom and there were still lots of parents in the hallways and a couple in our classroom.  So glad!
Bennett and Mrs. F!  My poor boy looks a little scared.  He was a tad nervous.

I am so proud!!!

Our instructions were to find his cubby, put on his nametag, and open the Play Doh.  I took this picture and he was so unsure.  Broke my heart!

He got happy after I showed him the little boy that tutored right before him.  They would play sometimes so he was excited to see a familiar face.  Whew.
As I was leaving, he held up his arms and said "can I have another hug?"  Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  My sweet boy still needs Mommy!  I gave him a hug and he went right back to his seat.

I left and met Mom at the "Cheers and Tears" breakfast in the cafeteria.  All of the parents have been so nice and welcoming.   I was a little teary after the breakfast as I drove away.  Happy tears because I am just so proud of who Bennett is becoming.  I just want him to be kind, respectful, and happy.  But, I guess that's what all parent's want for their babies.

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