Monday, August 11, 2014

Henry's 3rd Birthday!

Henry is 3!  My how time flies.  Our big boy is a sweet thing that is also "the mess of the universe" as Gammy lovingly calls him.  We love this sweet boy!

  • Henry's favorite word is bottom.  He says it ALL THE TIME.  He attaches it to everything and will even all you a bottom.  Neil said he is essentially calling us all asses. :)
    • What are you doing?   Answer: Bottom
    • What is that? Answer: Bottom
    • Who is that? Answer: Bennett Bottom
  • Favorite color is BLUE.  There is no other color besides blue.  He says "bwoo."
  • He loves giving kisses. He will just come up and grab your hand and kiss it.  Sometimes he will even kiss your toes.  

Birthday pancakes with candle

  •  His pronoun usage is a little off.  The other day Gammy did something and he said "I don't want SHE do that."  
  • He loves to "pway" (play).  He can play alone with books, trucks, action figures, or puzzles.  He also loves Paw Patrol and pretending to play on a phone/tablet.  
  • At his 3 year well check up he was >3 percentile in height and 25 percentile in weight.  We are going for MRI Friday to check his pituitary.  We had a bone age scan and it was normal! :)

Birthday Chick Fil a
  • Henry can be really defiant.  I am talking he will not do what you want him to do unless he is ready to do it.  Stubborn.  But, it just contributes to his sweet personality that I love so much.  
  • He likes to have races and competitions with Bennett.  He wants to be first and win at everything. We raced puzzles tonight and Henry and I won.  He said "we winned and you didn't!"  We are working on being a good winner.
  • Henry loves Sarah Kathryn so much.  He gives her kisses and rubs her head.  He is a little rough because his "gentle" is not so gentle.  

We had the K-3 ice cream social and Mrs. Rose wanted to sing.  Luckily I had my candle handy!

  • Henry is loving school and is doing well.  He tells us about his friends: Brynleigh, Dawson, John Marshall and Jackson. I hope he always likes it.
  • He loves to get the squirt bottle that I use to wet their hair in the mornings and squirt it in his mouth.  This is probably one of his favorite things ever.  I can find him in the bathroom with his entire face wet from squirting the water in his mouth.
  • Favorite food is "nunus" (noodles).

We pulled up to the house to NO POWER so it was off to Johnny's for birthday dinner.
I've been thinking of so many things that I want to put on his age 3 post.  I can't remember all the things now!  I attribute that to #mommyof3kidsbrain.

Henry, what I want you to know is that you are a one-of-a-kind boy who is so special. You make us laugh everyday with your comments or actions! We love you to the moon and back!

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