Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Beach within Reach

We didn't have waves or sharks or sea weed, but we had sand and water and as far as my boys are concerned....WE WERE AT THE BEACH!  Ashleigh told me that they went to Cypress Black Bayou a few weeks ago and were going again on August 5th.  I basically invited us to crash their party.  I am so glad I did!  We dropped SK off at school which I felt bad about and headed to the "beach."  I just felt like they have been at her beck and call the whole summer and they needed some fun in the sun!  We stayed at the beach for 5 hours!  We packed a picnic, snacks, and water toys.  We had the best day lounging in the water, digging in the sand, and playing with friends.  

My big boys and I had the beach to ourselves for about an hour.

Thanks, Ashleigh for letting us play on your rafts.

EJ, B, H, and B
After Ashleigh demonstrated what she wanted the kids to do for the group photo we attempted it. We wanted them to all splash around for a cute pic. I think they did great!  We took this after Caroline and Katherine left. Wish they would have been in it.

Emery, Selah, Noah, Liam, Ella G, Georgia, Briggs, Brown (I think), and Henry

Bennett was digging while we took the group pic.

He loved making sand castles!  Such a sweet, almost kindergartner!

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