Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sarah Kathryn's Baptism

We had a very special day on Sunday.  We baptized our sweet baby girl!  I grew up in a church where you decided to be baptized and I never understood the infant baptism.  It was explained to me that God chose us first before we ever chose Him.  It was a special day!

We had our family and close friends join us for this blessed occasion.  I am so thankful everyone was there to celebrate with us.  I love a celebration!

The gown Sarah Kathryn wore was made in 1888 by Catherine Cochren.  SK is the 5th generation baptized in this gown on the Lewis side.  The gown was made for Gigi's (Neil's grandmother) grandfather.  Needless to say it is a very fragile gown, but so special!

Aunt Becky helped me get her dressed.

Our family

Me with my sweetie pie.

Our Party of 5 went on the stage with Derek while the grandparents stood down below watching.

Henry was being such a good boy until he felt like getting down.

My dad must have been making eyes at Carolyn because he wasn't watching us! :)

Where's Henry?

Oh, he is just crawling between my legs DURING THE BAPTISM!

Everyone commented after about Henry.  My oh my...what will we do with him?

Sweet girl getting baptized.  I asked if the congregation cold sing Jesus Loves Me after and they was such a sweet moment.
We went for brunch at ST and it was such a nice occasion.  I'm so glad everyone joined us!

Sweet little periwinkles with her invitation sticking out.

Uncle loves SK!

Amy and Daniel holding up one of the favors.  

Jake was thrilled to have a favor! ha!

Thanks so much for coming, Buteau Family.

Lewis family crew

Dad and Carolyn with the kids

Thanks so much for coming, Baker family.

The grandmothers with their favorite boys

Lewis Ladies!
Sarah Kathryn, my prayer for you is to grow up to love and worship Jesus.  I want you to be kind, a good friend, a  lady, and respectful to others. You are so special and our lives have changed for the better because you are in our family.  We love you to the moon and back!

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