Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School Breakfast

Since my boys were both starting new schools, I decided that we needed to have an extra special back to school breakfast.  My cricut is at it again helping me make all the cute table decorations.  My boys love a school bus and want to ride one so badly!  I made some breakfast cookies that were not delicious at all (Just ask Ashleigh), mini parfaits, and they had some alpha-bits cereal.  It was fun!  They really liked their back to school prizes!

Happy boy??

They both got new pjs to wear, a DVD, and a new book.  Bennett LOVES Skylanders and has NEVER even played it.  He got Skylander pjs.

cuties at their breakfast.  So sad Daddy had to miss because he was in Tulsa. (even sister's bottle made it to the back to school breakfast!)

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