Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Henry's first day of K-3!

Henry is super excited about his new, big boy school.  He is going to Bennett's old school and he thinks that is HUGE.  Sarah Kathryn goes to the baby school and he goes to BIG BOY school.  We went for the "meet the teacher" ice cream social and he got to play with toys before the first day.

They even sang to him on his birthday!

This bulletin board was up just for Henry! (and Kaitie)
I am super thrilled about Henry's goals in life.  He wants to be a monster that is in a really dark tunnel.  Sweet.  I was thinking more along the lines of a superhero or fireman but nope..monster it is.  He is growling in some of these pictures.  These are the actual first day photos:

Henry and his teacher, Mrs. Rose

Mommy and Henry on first day of K-3!

Mrs. Rose guided him right to the table to feed the rabbit and he was thrilled.  He never even looked my way!  Bennett and I left right after so we could get to his new school.

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