Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bennett's 3rd Birthday Party-SNOW!


We had a really fun birthday party for Bennett and our friend Maddie on Saturday.  We did their party together so that we could get a SNOW MACHINE! Erin (Maddie's mom) and I had so much fun planning the party.  Bennett and Maddie are in the same class at school so we invited their little class.  Bennett thought it was fun to have his school friends and teacher at his house! It was totally awesome even if I thought that the amount of snow we had was tiny.  The owners of the company said it was 1 ton of snow, but I don't know.  We decided that it was plenty for the kids and they didn't need ski slopes!  The kids loved it and that's all that mattered.  We really could not have asked for better weather.  It was cold and sunny...perfect for a snow party!

Here they are putting out the snow!

The cakes and favors

3 candles and 1 to grow on!

Our favors were gloves...great idea by Erin.  The kids used them during the party. Tags ordered from here.


Girl gloves!

Here's the main food table.  I made the snow people in the center using stryofoam and felt.  So easy and cute!  Thanks to Pinterest, we had all snow themed food!  

Snowman pretzels

We made these for Advent, but they were for the party.

Frosted Cheerios

These donuts were going to be snowman faces, but I was too tired!

Maddie and Bennett snowpeople

Melted Snow (Ranch) and snowman noses (carrots)

Snowman cheeseball

Marshmallow snowmen

White Cheddar snowballs.  I made the cones and holder from this tutorial.

Maddie and Bennett in front of the birthday snowman

Brrrrrrrr it's cold!

These snowmen flanked the s'mores table
Here's the hot chocolate bar with the birthday girl and boy looking through the snowy windows!


Maddie and Bennett


Yum!  Snowman pretzel

Bennett ate non-stop the entire party!

Andre, Amelie, Maddie, and Erin

Neil, Bennett, Henry, and me (Maddie joined us)

Pops liked making s'mores

We were glad that Uncle A made it to the party.  Henry loves Uncle A!

Buteau's minus Brown

Erin and Amelie (Amelie will be 1 on the 26th!)

Mason LOVED the snow!

When I first saw these "sno-cones" I knew I had to make them.  I never knew it would be so hard to find Hostess snow-balls cakes!  Mom and I went to about 20 gas stations and grocery stores and we only came up with 8 snow-balls!  Thankfully Janine bought the cones for me in Ruston.  I was so excited about them and no one even ate one!

New Dad, Chris with Baby William

Here is Bennett with his new school friend, Haadi.  He LOVES Haadi!  He said "Come on Haadi, I have to show you something!"

The party was a success!

The TON of snow

James is so precious!

Cousin Connor making snowballs

My little "snowcoon."  He got that raccoon hat for his birthday last year!

Maddie and Bennett with their cakes

Me and my 3 year old!

Sweet Henry slept during most of the party.  Nana fed him after we woke up.

Cousins: William, Connor and Clara

They loved their cakes

Sweet Amelie


Bennett LOVES his "dirty tractors" from Amy

After everyone went home, Gammy and Bennett built this snowman
The Stuckeys and Gammy and I were outside watching the snow melt when Bennett went inside.  Neil was inside cleaning (yes, I was LOVING that) and he said "Bennett, do you want me to help you put on your boots so you can go outside?"  He said "No, I want you to help me get in my bed!"

It was a great party and I have a lot of people to thank:

Leslie and Carol for the coffee urn, snow, and decorations
Ashleigh: all of your snow decorations
Mom: for helping clean up
Dad: firewood
Jenny's dad: outdoor heater
Montgomerys: kiddie table
Buteaus: kiddie table
Sister K: the awesome food labels! She is amazing at all things computer.
Nana: cones
Mrs. Bambi: blow-up snowmen

I hope I haven't left anyone off!  Thank you to everyone for making our party a success!


  1. Happy Birthday Bennett! We had so much fun at your party!

  2. That was an awesome party! You & Neil are the best parents. I hope Bennett had a wonderful 3rd birthday! He's such a big boy!

  3. I'm glad Lindsey finally came around and allowed us to do the snow party.



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