Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July Fun

 We had a low-key, laid back 4th this year.  The boys were in Ruston and got to go to the Temple fireworks and we had SK at our activities.  I made a fruit pizza for each of the parties and they were a hit!

Bennett and Aunt B at the fireworks in Ruston
 We went to the Favrots for the 3rd of July again.  There were 5 families there and sweet Jill made 35 pounds of brisket! ha!  It was delicious!

Sister changed into a couple different gymnastics outfits while there

Watching the fireworks with my girl


She was doing great with her roman candle!

On the 4th I went around delivering star spangled donuts to all the people working on the holiday!  Thanks to Catherine for the awesome idea!  I DONUT know what I'd do without you!

My patriotic fruit pizza
We went to the Harpers on the 4th for fun and food.  Marie took all of these fabulous pics!
What a cutie!

Me holding their new baby, Phillip

Go girl!

As we were leaving the Harpers with a screaming SK we got to see this beautiful rainbow!

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