Friday, June 17, 2016

Berry picking 2016!

It's no secret that heading out to the local blueberry farm with my babies to pick berries is one of my favorite summer outings!  It is just a sweet experience with the most precious people.  We really only last about 30 minutes in the heat, but it works for us!

This was Sarah Kathryn's first year to be able to walk and pick berries.  She loved it!  She really was a trooper and picked more than Henry!  I actually never know how many Henry picks because he eats every single one before we get to the car.

We let a bunch of people know we were going  to see if anyone wanted to join us.  The Favrots and Shirleys joined in the fun!  I love this tradition!

Beauty in Blue

She loved it!

Bennett is so helpful.  He loves his sis!

Jakey came with us after swim lessons because his mom had Drew's K graduation.

The best part: the blueberry popsicles! We brought some home this year! Some years they won't sell them to you.  
See?  He eats all of them!

The cute blueberry crew.

3 moms, 8 kids, and only 2 pounds of berries between us all! :)


I love our annual porch pic.  Henry...why?

My crew!

Sweaty, tired, and dirty....sounds like a crew who needs Johnny's pizza!  That's where we went after.

I can't even handle all these fun memories!  They make me so happy!

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