Monday, June 27, 2016


So, Bennett woke me up the other night at 3am crying and itching terribly.  I turned the flashlight on and checked him out. OUCH! He was covered in hives.  I woke up Neil and he said "Look at his lips!"  Then I got scared.

His lips were so swollen.  Neil ran to get Benadryl and I went to call the doctor.  I felt just awful for waking her up, but not as awful as I felt for my B.  Thankfully, we did everything right by giving him the Benadryl and calling.  She didn't think we needed to go to the ER because he could breathe properly.  My sweet boy!

We went in the next morning and he just kept breaking out more and more.  Bennett's main concern was baseball.  She said he could play in his game if he felt OK.   He said he felt totally fine.  No itching once he had the Benadryl.  We were given RX for an antibiotic, steroid, pepcid, and to continue the benadryl.
We thought this was bad... his whole body would soon be covered.

poor thing!

So...since he was fine he wanted to go to Camp Jams at church.  I went ahead and dropped him off.  The top left is Bennett after they called me to come get him because he started breaking out again.  The top right is after I gave him the meds and 20 minutes later.  The bottom 2 are other times throughout the day.

This was the next day.  He kept saying  "I look creepy!" I kept saying NO YOU DO NOT!!  He looks sweet!

She said that we will basically not know what caused the hives. We went to an allergist and couldn't pinpoint anything.   We couldn't do testing due to benadryl and steroid in his system.  We will go back in  couple weeks to hopefully find out what he is allergic to.  

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