Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Shreveport All-Stars

Bennett made Little League All-Stars! YAY!  We had a bit of a misunderstanding at the beginning and had some player/coach switch-a-roos, but its working out!  We ended up with some really sweet, dedicated dads who stepped up to coach our 7 and under boys.  

Bennett is the only kids from our season's team.  Thankfully, he knew Conrad and Wesley from pre-school...they made the team, too.  He is really loving being on this team.  He responds so naturally to different coaches.  My non-athletic self is amazed every time he catches or hits a ball.  I just beam with pride from the bleachers!

Our first game was not so good with a score of 21-1.  Bossier is pretty darn good.  They have been playing together for 2 years and we just met our team 2 weeks before.  The boys didn't seem too worried about the loss.

Game 2 was the next night and this was Bennett's first day of hives.  He asked the doctor if he could play and she said yes!  He was trying so hard to be excited, but he just didn't feel good.  Poor thing.  After he ate a couple fries he was ready to play.  He just didn't look like himself.  He still played, though.  Fell asleep on the way home which he never does.    We won game two 12-1!  Winning 1 game qualifies your team for state!  Alexandria here we come!

The sweetest cheering section!

Our favorite All-Star!

District Champ runner ups!

So cool!

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