Friday, July 1, 2016

Sharks swim team!

Bennett did summer league swim team this year.  He said he wanted to do it and I was glad.  I wanted him to get stronger in the water and we accomplished that!  It was VERY HARD getting him to practice every day in June, finding a place for SK and Henry on swim-meet days, and he really didn't love it.  So maybe we won't be back to swim team for a few years. 

 I tried taking SK and Henry to the first meet.  It turned out to be a day that people are still asking me about.  I am not exaggerating when I say that every eye was on us when we walked out of that first swim meet.  Bennett was in the first medley relay. He had to start with backstroke.  Oh, man.  This was a doozie.  He was really doing great and then water got in his nose so he cried and held on to the rope all the way to the other side of the pool.  The race was still going on and his teammates still had to swim!  There was literally nothing I could do until he got himself to the other side!  I was also holding SK while trying to get him out of the pool.  It came time for his second race and he wasn't having it.  SK had her suit on because Amy said we would be able to let her get in the baby pool.  I didn't know we would only be there for 30 minutes!  I took off her bathing suit and she screaming bloody murder! "I WANT SWIM!"  So, I was ready to get the heck out of there.  I was so glad Heather helped me get my ice chest and pool bag and 2 kids to the car.  Bennett was crying and I just had no more patience.  Thankfully, my dad had picked up Henry for his swim lesson or I probably would have had 3 screaming kids to get to the car.  Needless to say, no more taking Sarah Kathryn and Henry to swim meets.  

Amy was the coach and she was just great.  She is so organized, a great teacher, and all around excellent coach.  She loved it when I called her "coach!" #not

I was so proud of Bennett!  He learned all the strokes and even got pretty good at butterfly!  Go B!

These pictures are just random shots from my phone at different meets.

Sam was there swimming for ERCC.  So sweet!

Cute team photo!

Bennett won his heat twice at the city meet!  go Bennett!

The swim team party was a blast!  Amy planned a fun kid-friendly breakfast buffet.  She even ordered festive favors for the event!  Thanks, Amy!

The 8 and under boys!

The 8 and under kids!

Great job Bennett!  42nd in freestyle, 13th in Butterfly, and 9th in the freestyle relay!

All the cute swimmers!

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