Saturday, July 30, 2016

Garth and Trisha=yes

Can I just say that the Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood concert was the best I have ever been to?  I mean it was AWESOME!  We've been looking forward to it since our Bunkie trip and it did not disappoint.  We went with Brett & Anna and Chris & Sarah.  Anna's 2 friends, Chris & Andolyn joined us.

We ate at Tejas and it took a sweet forever, making us arrive at 7:30 for the 7pm concert.  We had to park all the way down the parkway not in the parking lot.  This was going to make us even more late!  And then the heavens opened up and a Stretch Hummer Limo drove up to us.  I flagged them down and asked for a ride.  He said YES so we all jumped in!  He took us right to the front.

My sign= :)  I'm not lying..her mac and cheese is fabulous.

Get it, Garth!

I love Garth and Trisha!

Catherine let me borrow her "I've got friends in low places" t-shirt.  YES!

This picture must have been right after Garth called me out about my poster and I was on the Jumbo-tron.
No Big Deal.
Just kidding!  It was a huge deal! I was so freaking excited!  I got numerous texts and calls about being on the Jumbo-tron.  And when I say numerous it was like 3!  Wooohooo! #famous

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