Friday, August 5, 2016

Fun Beach Day

Our 3rd annual "beach within reach" trip was a success.  We love heading all the way to Benton for the man-made beach at the lake.  The kids always have a blast.  We got a big group of people together for this day trip.  When we got there the beach was CLOSED for the triathlon that would take place 48 hours later! They were nice and accommodated us at the "Marina." The "beach"at the marina was really dirt, but it really turned out great!  The "beachfront" was smaller than the long beach and it contained the kids a lot more.  The water was nice and the kids really didn't know the difference!

I was so nervous about taking SK, but she was GREAT!  She just played and swam and hung out with Caroline. Notice the beach in the background.

Sweet thing!

There was lots of mud throwing!

A little beach-side lunch

As they were setting up for the tri they played Uptown Funk over the loud speaker. The boys LOVED it!

Caroline was the BEST babysitter!  She is the sweetest 7 year old around!

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