Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great Wolf Lodge

Henry has been asking for 4 solid months if he could go to Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday.  He didn't want a party...only GWL!  He would talk about his party at GWL and all that he was going to do before we ever even thought we would go.  He was so persistent and pretty much just KNEW he would go.  

We knew we needed to make the trip happen when one day Bennett said "y'all can take all the money in my piggy bank to take Henry to GWL."  How sweet and selfless of our big boy! So, we planned the quick trip.  We made up a sheet of pictures of GWL and Henry unwrapped it.  He was so excited!

We drove over Saturday morning, arrived at Rainforest Cafe at 11:45 and had a fun lunch.  

This is how sister felt about the animals at GWL

Family photo at Rainforest Cafe

They came out and sang to Henry.  He didn't love it.

He did LOVE this cupcake!

our precious 3.

Next, we headed straight to GWL!  You are able to go to the water park beginning at 1pm the day of check-in. We were excited that our room was ready at 1 so we were able to unload and get changed in our room.  We didn't take a camera or phone to the park the first day.  Too much to keep up with!

Cute wolf ears.  Henry got a special birthday one!
After about 2 hours, they were done with the water.  They wanted to do all the other fun stuff. Thankfully, Rebecca gave Henry a Pup Pass so that he could do some other fun things.  It included the arcade, build-a-bear, cub club, candy, and a sweet glitter tattoo.  Neil stayed in the room and tried to get SK down for a nap.  She wasn't having it!

arcade fun!

Henry chose a pillowcase to color.

Bennett chose a t-shirt at Cub Club.

So fun!

Henry chose a dragon at the build-a-bear,

Bennett chose a wolf.

We went back to the room to get Neil and SK for dinner.  We went to the magic show in the lobby and grabbed a pizza.  We ate and then got changed for another round of water fun!  Bedtime came easy for the boys, but not so much for SK.  She screamed until about 1 am for no reason.  We were so glad that we were ext to a stairwell on one side so we didn't wake our neighbors!

Up and at 'em on Sunday morning!  We ate breakfast and enjoyed our last couple of hours at the waterpark.  It was so much fun!

Checkers in the lobby with my biggest boy!

Henry and SK loved the jet ski water squirters

Henry was a pro at these slides (the only slides he could do.)

She is so sweet!

Lazy river was SK's favorite.  She would just sit on the tube with me and cruise.

We saw Curtis from Tech there!

Finally! We got a family pic!

We saw Violet on our way out!

Don't worry...we didn't forget our tatts!  They only last  ONE WEEK!

It is so fun making memories as a family of 5.  It's fun to do our own thing!

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