Saturday, July 16, 2016

State Little League Tournament

Bennett made the team for Little League 7U All-Stars!  We were thrilled for him, but we never thought we would be traveling to the state little league tournament!  The coaches decided it would be a great idea so we all jumped on board!  What a great experience it was!  We met so many great families that are focused on having fun, sportsmanship, and just plain old being together!  Neil has said numerous times how glad he was that we took the chance and went to the tournament.  I was getting all emotional when the tournament was over.  I will miss seeing these people every week!

My all-star with his Snap-Chap (as Henry calls it) filter

Family selfie in the hotel before team spirit decorating time! Thankfully, Gammy kept SK so we didn't have to chase her!

Since all the moms got together to make fun stuff for the kids...we knew we'd be the most spirited!

Love that pennant!

Rocking it!

It was only about 102 degrees.  Love this all-star!

We lost our first game 15-8. Tough loss, but it's OK!

Bennett was so good!  He played pitcher and really takes his job seriously.

Dr. Beck and Shari drove up from New Orleans to see us and to watch Bennett play. We enjoyed a fun lunch with them while Bennett went to the movie with his team.

They all showed up at the restaurant we were at after the movie!  Sweet!

Ready for Game #2!

Our other sweet friends, Amy and Daniel, drove down to Alexandria to watch, too!  We have some pretty great friends.  Beck said "does Bennett have the most fans out of any of the other players!?" hahaha!

We received so many texts and calls about the games and how they were going.  What sweet family and friends!!! I am not just saying this because it was our team, but the umpires were complete crap.  We weren't going to win the 2nd game, but our kids were having a pretty great inning and the other team called a time-out!  They made our kids stop running!!!  It was complete nuts.  Beck yelled "EXPLAIN IT!  EXPLAIN IT!" to the umpires. Shari and I are still laughing at that!

Also, the ball is supposed to be dead once the pitcher has the ball and is in the pitcher's circle.  So, Bennett would get to the circle with the ball and the runners would keep running.  The umpires allowed this to happen!  Bennett would try to chase after the kids making the ball "live" again and then other players would get to run.  It was a nightmare for our boy.  He just takes it so seriously and when the rules aren't enforced it is tough.  He got to the dugout one time and told Neil "I am going to the circle and they are still running!"  He was so upset!  We ended up losing to South Lake Charles 25-8.  But, we gained some really great friends!

After game pep-talk

These sweet boys are 4th in the state for 7U boys!!!!

go 4th place!

So happy that Daniel and Amy shared this with us!

Love these boys!

We went to dinner with Amy and Daniel and then met the team at the Mexican restaurant.  They surprised Bennett with singing Happy Birthday!

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