Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sweet Summertime

Sarah Kathryn and Henry went to VBS the whole week that Bennett had All-stars.  This was the best thing ever!  It's so hard to watch them and Bennett.  They had a blast and even had perfect attendance!

so cute!

Henry was thrilled!

I won this cake during a Facebook giveaway!  I was thrilled!  Neil thinks I might have been a little too excited because I kept talking about it!  It's not like I won the lottery, but still.  I'm a winner! Feels good to win.


Our trivia group, Red, White, and Boo-yeah basically killed it!

Bennett got to enjoy Frozen Frog for Drew's birthday.
We celebrated Amy turning 35!
She is so popular!
Bennett keeps sending me notes during our "individual quiet time" each day.  They are paper airplanes with notes in them!

The boys had lego camp and baseball camp so SK and I went to library story-time...just the girls!

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