Monday, June 8, 2015

Blueberry Picking 2015

One of my favorite activities to do in the summer with my kids is to go blueberry picking.  We love it every year and look forward to it every summer.  I don't know why it's taken me 5 years to realize that we need to wear boots, but we did this time!  We met Amy who has Keegan and AC, Leigh and the boys, and Lauren, Gus, and Dottie (a friend from Henry's class).  What a fun afternoon of berry picking!

The first time I went I only had Bennett and I didn't realize how easy it was.  This time having 3 kids was harder.  I had 3 last year, but SK didn't have as much of an opinion as she did this year! Whew!  Memories made!

Here are some memories from past years:
Berry Picking: 2014
Berry Picking: 2013
Berry Picking: 2012
Berry Picking: 2011
Berry Picking: 2010

The boys went right out to the field!

This is how Amy feels about hot, sweat, fields, berries, and the whole blueberry picking deal! ha!

Bennett was a pro at the blackberries!

Henry loves to eat all of them.


my favorite.

Henry thought the big boys were so funny! ha. Raspberry fingers.

Sissy was such a peach.  She even got her own popsicle!

She ate the whole thing!

Everyone loved watching the blueberries go down the table.  I loved the A/C!

The porch group photo is always a favorite. 

Me with my sweet babies.  My how these years have flown by.

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