Saturday, June 27, 2015

Amy's Bachelorette Party!

We've been planning Amy's bachelorette party for a few months now.  Let me just say that it was the most fun bachelorette party EVER!  We had a whole day of events in town so it made it to where different people could come to different parts.  So fun!  Amy wanted to lay out, go to the spa, and have a lingerie shower.  We made it all happen!

I told Neil to pretend I was out of town because I had to stop by the house to shower and change a couple times.  It was such a no stress day!  Thanks, Neil for taking care of the kids so I could celebrate Amy.

We started the day by Catherine's fabulous pool.  Amy wanted to get some sun and relax.  Everyone was invited to everything.  We had about 15-20 people join us for the pool time and brunch type foods.  We had mini pancake muffins, donuts, mimosas,  fruit infused water, and mini quiche.  
Some of the ladies enjoying the sun and fun.

Next stop was the spa.  Amy got a pedicure and a blow-out.  We are all getting our manicures the day before the wedding so we opted not to get  manicures today.

The bride to be!

Our last event was a lingerie shower at Michelle's house.  All the bridesmaid's brought a mini food.  We did it just like Emily's a couple years ago.  It was adorable!  We had about 30 girls for the lingerie part.  So fun!  Amy played a "how well do you know Daniel game" and she got 11/20 correct.  Pretty good if you ask me!
Amy, me, and my romper! :)

Since most of us hadn't been out in ages, we decided to hit up the Rockin' Rodeo for some late night fun.  We danced until 1am!  I don't remember the last time I stayed up so late!  How fun!

This is the group before we went in.  They let us all in for free because of the party!

Dancing the night away!

And this was the group after. Whoa.  Some went home and 3 of them stayed out until 4am!  I like how Marge is wearing the veil at the end of the night!

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