Friday, June 5, 2015

Pine Cove Camp in the City

I cannot say enough good things about Pine Cove Camp in the City.  I heard about it from a few people, but didn't sign Bennett up until a couple weeks before.  It turned out to be a great decision!  Bennett LOVED this camp.  A church near our house hosted it.  They had 6-7 inflatable water games, harness trampoline, 9 square, and so much more.  They had Bible study, camp wide games against the counselors, super hero dress up day, and even a sweet closing celebration for the parents on Friday.  Oh, and the app that uploaded pictures everyday was a huge hit!  Like I said, I can't quit thinking about this camp!  Bennett is already asking to go next year and to go to the overnight camp in Tyler, TX.  We shall see.  After reading the website, I want to go!!!

Julia brought Bennett to camp for me so I wouldn't have to double back.  Here are the little superheroes.

Superhero dress up day.  They talked about the heroes of the Bible all week.

Need for Spleen was his counselor's name.  Bennett loved him!  Here he is reading Bennett's "CQ" to him.  It's his character qualities certificate.  So sweet!

I took this off the app!

Another one from the app.

Bennett said this game was called Mammoth Hunt...he said it was a blast.  You had to take socks off all the counselors arms or something like that.

Coolangatta Tent

Day 1 of camp!  He was so excited!

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