Friday, May 6, 2016


OK, let me just say how proud I am of Leslie!  She planned this huge event in Dallas called Lavish.  She was the CHAIRPERSON!  Talk about hot shot living up in the Big D!  It was a wonderful event!

This event is her IIDA (Interior Design) thing.  They pair up different designers with different flooring and accessory reps. All of the groups come together to form little vignettes around the venue.  This year's theme was Restaurant Row.  They were given a type of restaurant to design their vignette.  It was just soooo cool!  The whole event benefited Dwell with Dignity...a non-profit who helps people escape poverty through design.

me, Leslie, and Carol

Loved this one!  This was vineyard.  Those are corks hanging down.

This was southern comfort food...loved it!

Look at that!!

Leslie even secured Kate Weiser,  She is a chocolate chef in Dallas and her stuff looks like art and tastes like heaven.

Leslie up on that mike!

Emily, Leslie, Amanda, and me

Shreveport representing in Dallas!

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