Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gammy is 60!

We surprised Mom with a family-filled weekend for her 60th birthday!  We've been arranging everything for a couple months and it finally all came together  A couple people did try to ruin the surprise, but that's worked out!  

The first surprise in our wave of surprises was getting my brother to come in from NYC.  I tried and tried to get mom to meet me for lunch or to get a pedicure.  She said she didn't feel like it!  So, I picked him up and we just went to her!  She opened the door and screamed "WHAT!!!???"  She started crying and we knew she was surprised!

My aunt and cousins came over to my house for our next surprise.  We all met up at Grub for dinner and then they all walked in.  YAY!  At the end of the meal Uncle Mike, Baehr, and Donnie all walked in for the final surprise of the day.  We were almost surprised out!

So exciting!

On her actual birthday, May 29th...we celebrated with a "Lauri's favorite things" party.  I did all of her favorites like: Scrabble, the color green, Nancy Grace, theVoice, Almond Joy, Twizzlers, raisinets, sweet-tarts and so on. 

Nancy Grace says Happy 60th!

This cake was awesome!

So glad my brother, Rebecca, and Daniel helped decorate!

My Aunt found the link to the free printable scrabble banner.

Even Mrs. Sarah came!

Our family with the O'Bannon's

Love me some Uncle Mike

Michael's friend Aubrey came by!

Sweet friends: Frances White and Chris Griffin


Nana and her favorites!

The fabulous Williamses

Gammy and her babies

This was supposed to be a pic of mom with her kids and grandkids...

Yay for the Echols/Garbutts! more surprises!  We went to my aunt's hotel and the kids got to swim.  What a fun weekend!

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