Saturday, May 21, 2016

Business Boutique

I have the most supportive and encouraging husband around.  He is the sweetest, too.  Anyway, he listens to Dave Ramsey podcasts and heard about the Christy Wright Business Boutique.  He looked into it, told me about it, and we decided I should attend.   Since I was able to stay with Leslie, it made the weekend very affordable!  I learned so much and am so grateful to Neil for holding down the fort so I could learn how to build my business!

I didn't really know what I was walking into.  I knew it was going to be a bunch of women trying to learn about building their businesses, but I had no idea what I would get!  1,600 women from all over...even 1 woman from Kenya were there to learn.  The speakers were GREAT and 1 was the best one I have ever heard in my life.  Her name was Christine Caine.  I met a friend right when I got there and we ate lunch together both days.  She was a mom, grandmother, and from LA!  fate!
The first countdown until it started.  It was a HUGE event!

Great speakers and interviews with women business owners like The Elf on the Shelf creator, Chanda Bell.

Love this! "Fear isn't a sign you're doing something bad, it's  sign you're doing something BOLD!"

My fave speaker taking us to church!  Christine Caine!

I was exhausted after the first day as Leslie knew I would be so she cooked!  She is the most wonderful chef and hostess!

All from scratch!

She even made shortbread from scratch and whipped cream!! omg! Heaven.

So, I had 2 shirts made with my logo on them.  I thought I would wear one on Friday and one on Saturday of the conference.  Well as I looked at photos of other events and NO ONE had on their business stuff I decided against it.  After day 1, I built up my confidence and wore it!  Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary!
Me representing my business!

Me and Annie F. Downs...she was hilarious and the MC of the event.

me with my friend, Ava

After the second day, Leslie, Amanda, and me all went to Bishop Arts and looked around and ate dinner.  We saw this bench and felt it was a great way to end my trip to Dallas!

These 2 are some of the most supportive friends a girl could ask for!  They give me ideas, listen to business ideas, and support me!  How wonderful to have such great friends!

We went to Leslie's friend, Kate Weiser's, chocolate store.  Fab.

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