Friday, May 20, 2016

Cubs Baseball 2016

This year Bennett's team was the Cubs.  Bennett loves all things sports and his dedication to the sport he is playing pretty amazing.  And not to brag..he is good at everything!  It sure makes me beam with pride to watch my biggest boy do something he loves!

1st baseman!  My boy loves to pay catch.  "Mom, throw me a pop fly! Now a grounder!" He will get anyone that comes to the house to throw the ball with him.

She had had it!  Over baseball.

He made it home!

Cubs in the dug-out

on deck


Bennett's friend, John from baby to baseball! They were on the same team 2 years ago.

Neil and Bennett and Carlon wanted to join in!

Even their gateway teacher came to a game!  Bennett LOVES Ms. M!

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