Friday, May 13, 2016

Henry's K-4 graduation

First Day/Last Day

We had Henry's sweet little graduation on his last day.  It wasn't very emotional since he is going to head right back to school next year for the bridging program next year.  It was sweet!  

Since Henry is small, he always seems to be dead center on the front row.  It's a great spot, but with his antics, constant movement, and clothes's pretty funny!

We got there about 45 minutes before it started and all the pews were taken to about the middle of the sanctuary.  I guess I will have to get there at 6am next year to get a good seat.  

Henry getting his diploma from his teacher.  The blur on the side is a mom who was leaning out in the aisle to take pictures.

Lots of things in this pic.  Nose picker, precious child with her hands by her face, and Henry.

All the movements...


not sure this was one of the song movements

He is really belting it out here!

Sawyer and Henry at the reception

Gammy and H

So proud of is diploma, I think!

I love this!  I miss SK, but she wouldn't have been able to handle the program!

Henry ended up loving Mrs. Evans!

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