Monday, May 16, 2016

Bennett lost his first tooth!

Bennett has been wishing and hoping he would lose his first tooth in first grade...the last week of school...he did!!  He would always say "I'm never going to lose a tooth!"  His sweet teacher took the time to send this cute picture to me after he lost his tooth. How exciting!

His permanent teeth are coming in behind his 2 bottom teeth so it sort of pushed this one out.  His other bottom tooth is 2 teeth fused together so it will most likely have to be pulled.  We can't do anything easy over here! Like just have teeth fall out normally.  

Rebecca gave Bennett a tooth fairy pillow about 7 years ago!  We are finally using it!

Bennett got $2 from the tooth fairy.  We found $1 each at our sinks the next morning where he had given it to us !  What a sweet hearted boy!We placed it in his piggy bank for save keeping.  

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