Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tech Game!

We decided a while back to go to the Tech vs. Rice game.  It was the last home game and Granddad made it happen.  He got us tickets and a parking pass.  So nice!  Going to Tech games is so much more fun now than when I was in college. When I was at Tech I was only worried about getting to the party and never stayed longer than half-time.

This Tech game I was in spirit wear as was my whole family.  Too bad we didn't get a family photo. 
We saw a ton of people we knew and just enjoyed the nice weather.  The atmosphere is so nice at the games.  The fans have good dispositions and there's no nonsense going on.  I sat there thinking this just as Henry started throwing a fit and SK threw up in my hair and all down my shirt.  At that moment Neil said he threw in the towel and made us leave! ha!  It was a nice afternoon cut short.  Maybe we will hit up more games next year.

SK got to meet cousin Virginia

Sweet cheerleader in her Hock Your Smocks outfit

We got to see Amy and Daniel!

And even Aunt Becky was there...

So cute!

Nana and Henry

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