Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fun with Friends

We've been having fun with friends lately.  Amy and I drove to Natchez on Saturday for the Kelly's Kids $4.99 warehouse sale.  This was something to behold!  The sale started at 8am so we got up and left Shreveport at 5am.  We arrived about 8:10 and every rack was already cleared!  People would elbow you, rip stuff out of your hands, and take EVERY single thing off a rack even if they didn't want it.  They would announce that more racks were coming out and that you weren't allowed to touch them until the racks were in place so you'd have to walk by the rack to get what you wanted.  I tried this once and got pushed out of the way.  It was insane!  It still didn't stop me!  Between the 2 of us we came home with 83 items.  I bought for my 3, Erinn's 3, and Leigh's 2.  Amy bought for Jenny's twins and gifts.  

We spent a leisurely morning and then headed back.  We decided to stop for a nice lunch at Cotton in Monroe.  It was good, but my pancakes were not done all the way.  It was just so nice to not have to rush back to be anywhere.  

killed it!!!!!

Yay!  We had so much fun!
We were all going to go to dinner, but then the Raines' invited us over for a delicious meal of ribs and low key hanging out.  So glad we did this instead of going out to dinner.  I did something to my back the week before so I was barely able to stand up by the evening.
Maddie, Jake, Bennett, Henry, Drew, and baby girl was in her car seat already.

Baby food is so much better with a pretty bib!

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